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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Expectations

I played 76 hours of Deus Ex: Human Revolution all said and done.  One ghost playthrough, one violent playthrough, plus some DLC and achievement hunting.  On the one hand, I’ve put 450 hours into X3, and well over 700 hours into Skyrim.  On the other hand, Bioshock Infinite and Dishonored each have around 30 hours, and I was happy with them.

I expect 20-30 hours per playthrough of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.  I’m also expecting multiple DLCs, partially due to the Season Pass, and partially due to the money-grab release style Square Enix has attempted this time.

Deus Ex franchise always has decent graphics and good but infrequent FMV.  I expect more of the same, although in-engine cutscenes would be fine.

I expect a combat playthrough will be easy, and a stealth playthrough will be challenging.  Social augmentations will be mandatory for understanding the game and not getting manipulated hard, since many of the choices won’t have any good answer.

Last time, our choices influenced the world.  I don’t know how I feel about that trope.

I believe Jensen is the single most powerful augmented person on the planet, but that makes me wonder why they haven’t popped the kill switch on me yet.

I want to see situations where specific augs that I didn’t/couldn’t take would have been useful.

In the end, I expect a cyberpunk power fantasy with decent graphics and audio, a few puzzles, a moderately engaging story, fairly interesting side quests, and a number of choices I want to make more than once to see where they go.  After I’ve consumed the game, I want it to be interesting or quick enough that I can do a ‘perfect’ playthrough that leaves my character in a desired state before DLC drops.

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